Customers of Jazz, the country’s largest cellular operator, reported disruption in services across the country. Some customers reported that their signals disappeared while others couldn’t place calls or use data services.

A Jazz spokesperson told Us that multiple cuts in the optical fiber cable caused degradation of the voice and data services at some locations in the North region.

“Our teams responded swiftly to the situation, and all impacted services were fully restored quickly. We regret the inconvenience and appreciate our customers’ cooperation during this time,” the spokesperson added.

We also contacted the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which confirmed that the disruption in services of Jazz was due to multiple cuts in the fiber network. The official added that the disruption is limited to the north region.

A number of users of Jazz also took to social media websites to report the outage of services. The complaints ranged from errors in connectivity mobile and internet to the disappearance of signals.

Baffled customers posted on the company’s social media profile, looking for answers. Reportedly, the customer support helpline of Jazz was also unresponsive.

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