Sarah Khan Doing Yoga For Maintain Fitness

The love story of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir is still going strong, and the couple continues to set relationship goals for everyone. Recently, the adorable pair was spotted together on the show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’.

Fans were eagerly waiting for the couple’s daughter to make an appearance. Earlier, Sarah had shared on Instagram that she can’t wait to hold her baby in her arms.

Interestingly, before marrying Sarah, not many people knew about Falak Shabir’s music career. However, after getting hitched, his popularity skyrocketed.

During an interview, Sarah Khan shared a secret about Falak Shabir’s habit, saying, “Falak gives them just one flower to express his love. If you look at that flower, it may not seem like much, but it means everything to him because it makes him feel good 24/7.”

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