Fans Criticise On Recent Photoshoot of Ayesha Omer And Mikaal Zulfiqar

Ayesha Omer is a prominent personality in the Pakistani entertainment industry, known for her acting prowess and modeling skills. Besides being a well-known YouTuber, she is also a fascinating woman who has impressed her fans with her singing abilities.

In addition to her entertainment career, Ayesha is also a successful entrepreneur and owns a beauty brand called Ayesha.O.Beauty, which offers natural and pure skincare products. However, her recent photoshoot with Shoaib Malik was met with criticism from the public.

In a recent interview, Ayesha Omar discussed the topic of marrying a younger man with an anchor, sparking discussions among her fans. Despite the controversy, the talented actress continues to share her beauty and charm with her followers on Instagram through stunning photos and stories.

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