Saleem Mairaj looking cute with his Beautiful Wife and Kids

Saleem Mairaj is a beloved supporting actor in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry, who has played efficient roles in various hit dramas, including the recent Raqs E Bismil. He is a multi-talented and versatile actor, capable of fitting into any type of role.

One of his most popular dramas was Alif, in which he played the role of Sajid Ali alongside Kubra Khan. Saleem Mairaj has been working in the Showbiz Industry since 1997, and he still remains one of the top-rated actors. Recently, he shared some family pictures on social media, showcasing his nice and cute family.

Saleem Mairaj started his acting career in theater and has acted in numerous popular plays. He was associated with the ‘Katha’ theater group and has performed in various cities of Pakistan. After that, Saleem started working on the small screen and has worked with different channels.

Saleem Mairaj has shared some beautiful pictures with his wife Faiza Mairaj and children on social media. People have been quick to notice that Saleem’s wife also runs her own salon named Faiza on Tariq Street.

Saleem Mairaj made his acting debut with the drama serial Settlement 52 in the 1990s on PTV. The show portrayed old Karachi and its customs, and Saleem Mairaj’s performance in Province 52 highlighted him as a talented actor, leading him to appear in different dramas.

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