Kinza Hashmi Explain Why She block her best Freind Saboor Ali

Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Ali have been known for their close friendship, but recently Kinza decided to block her best friend Saboor. In a recent interview, Kinza revealed the reasons behind her actions and what led her to take such a step.

The talented actress Kinza Hashmi has been winning hearts with her latest drama “Mohlat”, which has become a trending topic among fans. Despite her successful career, Kinza is still single and has yet to be engaged to anyone.

Saboor Aly is a rising star in the Pakistani media industry, known for her talent and dedication. She credits her success to her sister’s guidance and has become a well-known actress and model in a short period of time.

Minal Khan’s engagement party brought together her closest friends, including Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Ali, who both looked stunning in their outfits. While Saboor maintained her bold dressing style, Kinza won the hearts of fans with her elegance and beauty.

Although Kinza did not reveal the exact reason for blocking Saboor, she did mention that it was due to personal issues between them. Despite the situation, Kinza remains focused on her career and is looking forward to future projects.

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