Hira Mani Naughty Mood with her Husband Salman mani Clicks

Hira Mani is a well-known Pakistani actress who has played major roles in various dramas. Her husband, Salman, is also a famous director and actor who recently starred in the drama “Chupke Chupke,” garnering laughs from viewers due to his overacting. Despite the mockery, Hira’s husband is highly talented in his field.

Hira Mani is a mother of three children, yet she manages to look adorable and youthful. At the age of 28, she is even cuter than when she first got married to Mani. Hira once shared the story of how she was cheated on by her best friend, who was in a relationship with Mani at the time. However, Hira and Mani’s relationship prevailed, and they have a beautiful married life together.

Born on February 27th, 1989, in Karachi, Hira comes from a working-class family, with her father being a banker. She got married to her father-in-law, Mani, at the young age of 19, and they now have two lovely children together.

Hira has acted in many successful Pakistani dramas, and it’s safe to say that her luck is always on point. The shows she signs up for often succeed even before they air on television. Some of her best shows from the past include…

Hira Salman was already associated with the showbiz world before her marriage, but her marriage to Mani put her in the spotlight. Together, Hira and Mani co-hosted the show “Hum 2 Hamara Show” on Hum TV.

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