Urwa Hocane and Imram Abbas Together New Clicks

Urwa Hocane, the talented actress and model, is the sister of Mawra Hocane, a famous Bollywood actress. Urwa has made a name for herself in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She tied the knot with Farhan Saeed, a famous singer, who has worked in the hit serial Suno Chanda.

Imran Abbas, a legendary hero, has become a more famous and expensive actor, which is why he is currently not working in dramas. He has also worked in Bollywood’s Creature 3D, and he played the lead role in the first two seasons of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

Urwa Hocane has worked with almost every hit hero in the industry. She played supporting roles in the hit films Na Maloom Afraad and Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi. Her last drama was Mushk, in which she co-starred with Imran Abbasi and Momal Sheikh. Urwa is a versatile actress who can fit into any type of role, whether in dramas or films.

Imran Abbas is still unmarried at the age of 38. He recently revealed on Samina Peerzada’s show that he had fallen in love, but they were not together. He completed his education from NCA Lahore and is very active on social media with 5 million followers on Instagram.

Urwa Hocane and Imran Abbas have done some photo shoots together, and they both look single due to their fitness. Urwa is a diet-conscious lady who exercises regularly. Despite being married for almost 9 years, she and Farhan Saeed have been facing some clashes, and they haven’t shared any pictures together in a long time.

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