Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan New Charming Pictures

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are an adorable couple who prove that age is just a number when it comes to love. They have been married for almost three years, and their love and care for each other still shine bright. Their daughter is also one of the cutest child celebrities in the Showbiz Industry.

Aiman Khan started her career by doing shoots for other clothing brands. However, as time passed, she realized her potential and decided to launch her own clothing brand along with her sister Minal Khan. The duo promoted their brand with new designs of dresses, which gained immense popularity.

Aiman Khan is currently enjoying the peak stage of her life, with a massive fan following and earning more than anyone could have ever imagined. She is happily spending her life with her husband and family.

Muneeb Butt, a well-known personality in the Pakistani fashion and drama industry, may not be as famous as his wife, Aiman Khan, in the beginning days of his career. Aiman used to look quite heavy and bulky, but she transformed herself within two years and now looks stunningly charming.

Aiman and Muneeb are currently on a holiday, and they are sharing lovely and charming pictures with their fans, showing their love and affection for each other. They are truly an inspiration for all those who believe in love and commitment.

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