Maira Khan actress Shared New Fitness Workout Pictures

Maira Khan is a talented actress and model in the Pakistani dramas industry. Her recent performances in hit dramas like Jalan and Cheekh have garnered much acclaim. Maira brings great efficiency to her roles and plays them with aplomb. However, her personal life is quite different from her on-screen characters, as she is a bold and confident person in real life.

At the age of 37, Maira’s fitness regime and diet keep her looking younger than her years. Despite her success, she is still searching for someone to love and care for. In the drama Cheekh, Maira played the role of the wife of Ijaz Aslam and portrayed a very decent and innocent character.

Maira’s Instagram account is a treasure trove for her fans, offering insights into her daily life. She often shares pictures and videos of her exercise routine, work life, and travels. Maira Khan is a beautiful actress who began her career with PTV years ago.

She participated in various school plays and struggled to establish herself as an actress in college. Her first small role was in the show Jaise Jante Nahi in 2002, and she went on to star in Laaj, where she gave a remarkable performance.

Maira Khan has made a name for herself in the modeling world as well, featuring in numerous photo shoots for famous clothing brands. Her natural beauty has garnered her a large following on Instagram, which continues to grow every day.

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