Shehzad Sheikh Celebrate her Wedding Anniversary with her Cute Wife

Shehzad Sheikh is part of a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, making it evident that acting is in his genes. The renowned actor is the eldest son of the legendary Javed Sheikh and the older brother of Momal Sheikh.

In 2011, Shehzad Sheikh made his debut in acting with the AAG TV drama series “Dreamers” and was applauded for his stellar performance in the lead role of Mickey.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Shehzad has become a prominent figure in Pakistani television and film. He starred in the highly successful drama TV film “Main Kukkoo Aur Who” on Hum TV, which garnered numerous accolades. The film was also broadcasted on an Indian channel called Zee Zindagi with the title “Sayaa” in 2015.

As the eldest child of Javed Sheikh and Zeenat Mangi, both highly regarded in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Shehzad has made a name for himself in the business. His sister, Momal Sheikh, is also a notable name in the industry, while his wife, Hina Mir, is a practicing lawyer.

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