Minal Khan and Aiman Khan Father Death Famous actresses father Died

The bond between a girl and her father is unbreakable. Mubeen Khan, the beloved father of the famous Pakistani showbiz industry actors Aiman and Minal Khan, passed away on Thursday after battling a serious illness for the past few days.

On December 19th, Minal Khan took to her Instagram story to share that her father’s health had been deteriorating and asked her fans and friends to pray for him. It is truly heartbreaking news for their fans to hear on the last day of this year.

The twin sisters have always shared a close relationship with their father, who was their biggest supporter in every aspect of life. He was a police officer and a brave man who will always be remembered for his strength and courage.

Aiman and Minal Khan are two of the most popular actresses in Pakistan with a massive following on social media. Their talent and hard work have earned them a special place in the hearts of their fans. Their amazing transformation over the years has amazed their followers.

The successful actresses started their journey by chance, as Aiman once mentioned that they did not plan to be a part of the industry. It was just an offer that they accepted, and their career took off from there.

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