Hania Amir and Kubra Khan Attractive and Cute Clicks

In 2016, Hania Amir began her career as an actress and appeared in various performances and films, earning recognition for her outstanding achievements and unique style. Her talent attracted a diverse range of audiences from Pakistan and around the world.

Kubra Khan, also known as Rabia Khan, is a highly talented Pakistani actress and television host who needs no introduction due to her impressive work ethic and dedication to her craft. She has earned a massive following in a short amount of time due to her stunning appearances and exceptional acting skills.

Hania Amir has starred in three television serials, including “Titli,” “Phir Wohi Mohabbat,” and “Mujhe Jeney Do,” gaining widespread popularity for her portrayal of a beautiful yet disloyal lover in the romantic television drama “Titli.” The series was based on the novel “Beauty and the Beast.”

Kubra Khan is a renowned model from London who has gained immense love and popularity in a short period of time due to her remarkable work in the modeling industry. After completing her education, she ventured into modeling and did several photoshoots in London.

While Hania Amir is a young Pakistani actress and model, Kubra Khan is an exceptional actress in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry. Both have displayed some exceptional and unique snaps showcasing their fun and playful personalities.

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