Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz Enjoying Holidays in Ranikot Fort

On the contrary, Yasir Nawaz, the spouse of Nida Yasir, has recently launched his own eatery called The Forest, located near Boat Basin in Karachi. While Nida Yasir manages her morning show during the day, she heads to the restaurant in the evening to supervise the arrangements.

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz, both dressed in traditional shalwar kameez and joggers, spent an entire day exploring the historic Ranikot Fort in Sindh. Despite her on-screen persona, Nida Yasir is a down-to-earth host and actress who has stopped appearing in dramas for now.

Nida Yasir is a mother of three children, and her daughter Silah Yasir has been seen accompanying her mother to showbiz events. However, Nida Yasir has stated in interviews that she has no intentions of introducing her daughter to the drama or movie industry.

Numerous Pakistani celebrities have visited Yasir Nawaz’s eatery and have given it rave reviews. Nida Yasir has even shared some stunning pictures from her mobile phone of her visit to Ranikot Fort with her fans on Instagram.

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