Sana Javed Again working Hard for Fitness New Gym pictures

Last year, Sana Javed tied the knot with musician Umair Jaswal in a private ceremony, keeping their relationship under wraps. Though rumors of their romance had surfaced, they never addressed them publicly.

In her film Mehrunisa V Lub U, there was a song that required Sana to shoot on a snowy mountain while wearing a saree. Wanting to look her best, Sana went on a three-day liquid diet to prepare for the scene.

Defending herself against criticism from Pakistani celebrities and the public, Sana stated, “We also know how to work hard and don’t want to be humiliated for free.” Despite facing backlash,

Sana remains dedicated to her craft and consistently chooses challenging roles that bring out her best as an actress. Her passion for her work is evident in the quality of her performances.

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