Humaima Malick Speaks On Her Role With Imran Hashmi

Humaima Malick, a stunning and well-known model, film, and television actress in Pakistan, gained fame after appearing in a Bollywood film alongside Imran Hashmi. However, her fans criticized her for doing romantic scenes in the film.

In response to the criticism, Humaima Malick defended her role and stated that she was young and innocent when she started her career and that no one had the right to interfere in her personal life. She firmly believes that it’s her own life and work, and she can do whatever she wants with it.

Despite agreeing with her fans’ reactions, Humaima Malick continued to push the boundaries of her career. Her debut in Bollywood with the film Raja Natwarlal in 2014 where she played the role of a bar dancer faced a lot of criticism.

She shared that after playing the character of Zainab in Bol, where she portrayed a typical woman who doesn’t even let the veil fall from her head, she realized that she was no longer the girl next door. However, she continued to take on daring roles, including the role of a pole dancer in the movie with Emraan Hashmi.

Humaima Malick remains a bold and daring actress who is determined to push boundaries and challenge societal norms in her career.

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