Hassan Ali Enjoy With Wife Samiya Arzoo During Snowfall In Murree

Hassan Ali, a renowned cricketer from Pakistan, is not only skilled in his sport but also enjoys traveling to different places with his wife, Samiya Arzoo. The couple is currently in Murree, where they are spending their time exploring and taking romantic pictures together.

Hassan Ali has made significant contributions to Pakistan’s cricket team, earning him the title of “Player of the Series” for his outstanding performance in the 2017 Champions Trophy. During his current vacation in Murree, he can be seen in the photos throwing snow and having a great time with his wife.

Despite his success and fame in cricket, Hassan Ali values spending time with his loved ones, as seen in his caption for the photos: “It doesn’t matter where you go or who you have.” His unique and entertaining celebration style after catching a wicket has only added to his popularity.

Hassan Ali married Samiya Arzoo, an Indian flight attendant, in 2019, and the couple recently welcomed their baby girl, Helena Hasan Ali, in April 2021. The new photos shared by Hassan Ali showcase the beautiful landscapes of Murree, where he and his wife can be seen enjoying each other’s company.

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