Javeria Saud-Spend Quality Time In Chicago With Friends

Javeria Saud, a renowned Pakistani actress known for her beauty and acting skills, has captured the hearts of many with her youthful appearance despite being a 49-year-old mother of two. Her fans often comment that her daughter resembles her in looks, making her seem more like a sister than a mother.

Javeria enjoys traveling and exploring different countries, and she recently had the opportunity to visit Chicago for a vacation, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She started her career by reciting Naat Sharif and eventually ventured into the television drama industry.

In 2005, Javeria married the famous movie star Saud Qasmi, who happens to be the grandson of the renowned narrator Naat Qari Waheed Zafar Kazmi. Despite coming from a non-Showbiz family, Javeria had always known that she wanted to do something special with her life.

During her recent trip to Chicago, Javeria shared pictures and videos of her adventure on her social media accounts, delighting her fans and followers. Her pictures depict her having a wonderful time with her friends, and she looks stunning in all of them. Let’s take a peek at Javeria’s precious moments in Chicago captured in her pictures.

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