Noor Zafar Khan and Sarah Khan Latest Beautiful Pictures

Meet Noor Zafar Khan, the talented Pakistani actress born in the city of Madina on August 8, 1994. Despite her young age of 27, she started her acting career at just 21 years old, and her stunning looks make her appear even younger. Her innocence and beauty are some of her standout features.

Noor recently shared some delightful pictures with her sister, Sarah Khan, also known as Sarah Falak, who was born on July 14, 1992. Sarah began her acting journey at the age of 20 in 2012 with her debut role as Sharmeen in the television drama serial, Badi Aapa.

Currently, Sarah Khan is making waves with her breathtaking beauty and excellent acting skills as she stars in the HUM Laapata television series alongside renowned actress Ayeza Khan. Viewers have been eagerly following the drama and appreciating the chemistry between the actors.

This is the first time Ayeza Khan and Sarah Khan have appeared in a drama series together, and Sarah Khan’s marriage to singer Falak Shabir has further endeared her to fans. People can’t seem to get enough of Sarah’s infectious smile and her sweet personality, and her marriage was a highly talked-about event.

Noor Zafar Khan, who is also a beloved Pakistani actress, shares many similarities with her sister Sarah Khan, and both sisters are highly praised for their acting talents and styles. Fans of Noor have been delighted to see her in various Pakistani dramas, and she has become a fan favorite due to her beauty and captivating performances.

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