Sakhawat Naz Latest Beautiful Clicks With His Wife

Meet Sakhawat Naz, a popular comedian and actor in Pakistan who has been entertaining audiences with his stand-up comedy for many years. Born in Faisalabad, he is also known by the name Jeda, but he is most recognized by his real name, Sakhawat Naz.

Primarily based in Lahore, Sakhawat Naz now hosts several hilarious TV shows, bringing his comedy to a wider audience. He has also made appearances in television dramas and even starred in a film called “Daal Chawal” in 2019, where he played the role of Mirza Sahib.

Sakhawat Naz is a master of various comedy styles, including improvisational comedy, musical comedy, and physical comedy, and has become well-known for his witty sense of humor. He has a beautiful wife and two children, and sometimes performs at private events as well as appearing as a guest on television shows.

With a career filled with countless humorous stand-up performances and shows, Sakhawat Naz continues to make people laugh and spread joy through his talent. Check out some of his and his wife’s pictures to see the man behind the comedy.

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