Gulab Mera Peecha Kar Raha hai Caption of Minal Khan on Intagram photos

Currently, Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram are enjoying their vacation in the beautiful Maldives. They have been sharing their trip with fans through social media, particularly on Instagram. This lovely couple were previously in a romantic relationship before their marriage.

Minal Khan loves to keep her fans updated, and so she has been posting pictures of her journey from the beginning. She even shared some images from her plane ride to the Maldives. Upon reaching her destination, Minal Khan took some breathtaking photos on the beach and other scenic locations with her beloved partner Ahsan Mohsin Ikram.

Minal Khan is a versatile actress who has played both positive and negative roles. She has been a part of two successful dramas, Nand and Jalan, where she portrayed different characters. Initially, she received criticism for playing the negative role in Jalan, but she later earned admiration for her outstanding performance in Nand with Shehroz Sabzwari.

She has been taking all necessary precautions during the pandemic, as seen in her photos where she can be seen wearing gloves and maintaining social distancing from her co-stars. Minal Khan has been an inspiration to many people who are working during these trying times.

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