Pakistani Most Famous Actress Saba Qamar is Doing all Kind of Drugs

Sadly, sexism continues to plague our society, and even celebrities are not immune to its harmful effects. Recently, Saba Qamar, a Pakistani actress who gained fame for her role in the film “Hindi Medium,” has been subjected to harsh criticism on social media after a BTS picture of her smoking while doing her makeup was leaked.

Some people have even commented on the open button of her shirt and have called her a disgrace to their culture in Pakistan. These trolls have made hurtful comments, such as questioning whether she is still a Muslim.

Despite the negative comments, there were some in the Pakistani entertainment industry who stood up for Saba and condemned the trolls. Adnan Siddiqui, a friend and colleague of Saba’s, expressed his sadness over the incident and urged people to support her. Similarly, actor Aijaz Aslam called out the trolls for using this as a cheap publicity stunt and defended Saba’s actions as just a behind-the-scenes moment during a photo shoot.

Entertainer Aijaz Aslam considered this demonstration a modest trick for exposure by the savages and composed, ” Today I feel tragic that an associate and probably the best entertainer of Pakistan is being taken advantage of by somebody for a modest exposure stunt… it was only a straightforward BTS (behind the scene) video during a photoshoot from which the screen captures were taken.

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