Hira Mani Latest Adorable Pictures Viral On Social Media

Hira Salman, also known as Hira Mani, has taken the Pakistan Showbiz industry by storm. Her popularity as an actress skyrocketed after her marriage to Salman Mani, who also belongs to the entertainment business.

Hira Mani has starred in three consecutive shows alongside her frequent co-star, Junaid Khan. Her latest dramas, “Mohabbatein Chahatein” and “Mohabbat Na Kariyo,” both feature Junaid Khan and Armeena Khan. Additionally, her show “Kashf” also stars Junaid.

At the young age of 32, Hira Mani is a mother of two and continues to captivate audiences with her acting talent. In the hit drama “Sun Yaara,” which aired on ARY Digital, Hira once again stars alongside Junaid Khan, along with other popular actors such as Zarnish Khan.

Her husband Salman Mani, who is both a director and an actor, has given Hira the opportunity to thrive in the Showbiz Drama industry. Hira recently shared some heartwarming photos with her family, including her husband and children, with her fans on social media.

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