Mehwish Hayat New Pictures with her Mother and Brother Family Pictures

Mehwish Hayat, the talented actress and model of Pakistani cinema, has recently been honored with the Tamgha E Imtiaz award by the government of Pakistan. Her contribution to the entertainment industry has been immense, with her notable performances in films such as “Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi,” “Actor In Law,” and “Load Wedding.”

At the young age of 33, Mehwish Hayat is still single and not in any romantic relationships with any celebrities. Recently, her advertisement “Des Ka Roll” was banned by the government due to its controversial content, which violated Pakistani standards and customs. However, family is always a top priority for Mehwish, and she enjoys spending time with her mother and brother.

Mehwish Hayat is not just an actress, but also an outspoken political activist who is looking to expand her horizons. She has expressed her interest in entering the political arena, and her ultimate goal is to hold a high office in the government. Despite being in the public eye, Mehwish Hayat remains a private individual, as she has stated that she is still a virgin at the age of 33 and not currently looking to get married.

Throughout her career, Mehwish Hayat has been an active participant in the Pakistani entertainment world, and has acted in numerous Urdu films such as “Insha’Allah,” “Na Maloom Afraad,” “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani,” “Actor In Law,” “Bin Roye,” and “Punjab Nahin Jaoongi.”

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