Faysal Qureshi New family pictures enjoy in Nothern areas

Faysal Qureshi, the veteran actor and host of the Pakistan Showbiz Industry, is currently portraying the lead role in a drama series. He has been married twice and his daughter Hanish Qureshi from his first marriage is a young model and makeup artist, ready to make her mark in the showbiz industry alongside her father.

Faysal also keeps things light and entertaining by hosting a game show on Bol TV, but recently he had a heated moment with some contestants, which generated a lot of buzz online. Faysal’s second wife, Sana Qureshi, has also modeled in several shoots. The family recently went on a mountain vacation, which was documented through pictures shared online.

Hanish, who is 25 years old, shares a striking resemblance with her father, Faysal. Her father’s latest performance in the drama series “Fitoor” has received high praise and he was recently featured in a photo shoot for Fuchsia magazine.

In addition to acting and hosting, Faysal has also launched his own fragrance collection under the name “Experience Scents.” The launch event was held in Karachi and was attended by Faisal’s friends and his wife. Other celebrities, such as Aijaz Aslam and Sanam Jung, have also launched their own fragrance brands.

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