Hamad Farooqui Share Most Beautiful Pictures with Cute Young Wife

Hamad Farooqui is a famous and Talented Actor of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. He is the amazing work in Drama Industry. Hamad Farooqui work in many Dramas of Pakistani showbiz. Recently most Famous Drama of Actor Hamad Farooqui is Ishq hai on ARY Digial with Minal Khan and Danish Taimoor.

Hamad Farooqui Share the most Beautuful Pictures with Young Lovely Wife. Hamad Farooqui and his Wife is most Beautiful Couple of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. Hamad Farooqui is a Fitt Actor, he is daily routine early morning go to GYM.

The age of Actor Hamad Farooqui is 34 years old in 2021, but he looks a Still Young College boy. He was born in 1988 at Karachi Pakistan. He Completed the Education from Karachi and during the Study he Start the Showbiz Industry. hamad Farroqui Got Married with Sanodia Hamad in 2017. He blessed with Boby boy in 2018 and Second Baby Blessed in 2020.

Hamad Farooqui has a Twins Brothers, the Second is Faraz Farooqui, he is also a Good dancer and a talented Actor. Hamad Farooqui work in many Pakistani Dramas such as, Yaar Na Bichray, Main Agar Chup Hoon, Kahin Deep Jalay, Khuda Se Derr, Piya Nam Ka Dia, Yeh Raha Dil, and Parchayee etc.

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