Rabia Anum Celebrating her 30th Birthday with Salon Staff and husband

Rabia Anum the first ever News anchor who got fame unexpectedly more than her personality now She has different businesses and enjoying her life with own way Rabia Anum is one of the finest showbiz stars who are participating in different shows as well.

Rabia Anum is looking in different way She is just reached the age of 30 and looking somehow fatty but still she looks pretty if she want to work in dramas she can see some adorable clicks of Rabia Anum of birthday party with salon member and family.

Rabia Anum Obaid is a popular Pakistani reporter, writer, commentator and television have. Rabia Anum is known for facilitating different shows on various confidential channels. Rabia Anum is viewed as one of the top female writer of Pakistan. Rabia Anum is hitched and favored with two charming children.

Rabia Anum has posted her cute pictures from her 30th birthday festivity. She posted pictures from her salon and she likewise posted an image of her better half too. Rabia Anum got hitched in 2017 and has two children. She additionally possesses her Salon. Rabia has functioned as a news caster for a long time.

Rabia Anum has welcomed public analysis on her facilitating style after a clasp from her show became a web sensation where she was talking with Sharmila Faruqui. In her meeting, she discussed Sharmila’s famous debate with Nadia Khan. She took side of Sharmila however she was additionally cutting her over and over during discussion, her interference was gotten by Facebook clients.

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