Saleem Sheikh Daughter Seleena Enjoy Birthday with her Parents and Friends

Saleem Sheikh is one of the most Precious and Good Personality Personality in the Showbiz Industry He is not an active actor but Still Peoples loves to see his personal family activity. Javed Sheikh Younger’s brother who is very hit the early stage of showbiz and his most of the dramas hit on PTV.

Saleem Sheikh has 3 cute daughters and recently Seleena Saleem celebrates her birthday by wearing a simple black dress and take some Pictures with her Father and also invited some close friends see the magic moments Pictures.

Saleem Sheik is a well known Pakistani TV and film entertainer. He got well known from his serials Sunehrey Commotion, Paroosi, Kallo and Rahain. He is otherwise called the more youthful sibling of well known entertainer Javed Sheik. Saleem Sheik is joyfully hitched to Nausheen Sheik, they got hitched in 1999. The several has three wonderful girls. Saleem Sheik girls’ names are Nashmia Saleem, Seleena Saleem, and Anamta Saleem.

Well known Pakistani entertainer in both TV and motion pictures is Saleem Sheik. His TV series Sunehrey Racket, Paroosi, Kallo, and Rahain spread the word. As the more youthful sibling of notable entertainer Javed Sheik, he is similarly notable. Nausheen Sheik and Saleem Sheik marry in 1999, and they have a cheerful marriage. Three flawless girls have a place with the staggering couple.

55-year-old Pakistani entertainer and model Saleem Sheik began his wedded life by wedding Nausheen Sheik. After marriage, he has become the dad of three little girls and he is as yet denied of the gift of a child. He seems to affirm in his meetings that his little girls are very much like his children. Furthermore, he never laments in his day to day existence that he is denied of the gift of a child.

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