Natasha Khalid Speaks about her Husband Favor

Natasha Khalid the Popular Social Media Stars and makeup artistic has a very beautiful heart who is showing some massiveness with some awesome and adorable way She is very extra ordinary lovely if she wants to work in drama She can.

Recently someone asked about her husband hair color and She said my husband looks more cool and handsome in white hear See some New Magical moments Pictures of Natasha Khalid with her Cute Husband.

Natasha Khalid is a well known and capable cosmetics craftsman of Pakistan who runs her own salon in Karachi. Natasha Khalid is the granddaughter of incredible Noor Jehan and the little girl of Hina Durrani. Natasha Khalid was as of now on excursions in Italy, alongside her whole family. Natasha was archiving her movement journals energetically as she shared some enchanting excursion pictures with her fans and adherents on her web-based entertainment account.

Natasha Khalid is an extraordinary Pakistani cosmetics craftsman and her salon named Natasha’s salon has a genuinely unique and critical picture in industry. She has been a piece of numerous effective shows and has exhibited her ability in differently. Individuals simply love to watch her cosmetics change recordings. For roughly over seven days, Natasha Khalid is holiday with her family in Italy.

Natasha’s Salon has turned into an easily recognized name and the cosmetics craftsman of decision for some ladies to-be. She has done the make-up of thousands of Ladies including Big names. Natasha Khalid is a cosmetologist and master who runs her own salon. Hardly any years back, she came to the spotlight in light of her gigantic weight reduction.

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