Designer Ali Xeeshan Blessed with Boy girl

Ali Xeeshna is the well knwon designer of the showbiz industry he is a massive life style and unique person and he got a beautiful and loyal wife second time Ali Xeeshan was blessed with baby girl first he got a daughter with an overload of cuteness.

Myrah the wife of Ali Xeeshan also plays the role of modeling with her husband and try to become the supporting wife of her husband See some Adorable and amazing Pictures of Ali Xeeshan with his cute wife and daughter as well.

He took to Instagram to share the news, posting an image with a pink foundation and text that read, “Today I mark myself as the most fortunate man since I’m honored with a child young lady.” Connecting the pink lace and hostile stare charm emoticon, he wrote in the subtitle, “Chuckles, twists, strips and quits! Our cute child young lady is here making us the most joyful.”

Ali Xeeshan is one of the most outstanding style architects on the planet including Pakistan. He has become well known in the business because of his novel style and his different character. At the point when he is seen at any occasion or party, he attempts to take such a style and get up with the goal that the visitors are drawn to him. Also, an exceptional aspect concerning this man is that he wears even the most troublesome outfits effortlessly.

Expert originator Ali Xeeshan and his better half Myra has been honored with their subsequent kid, a lovely little girl. The 32-year-old creator took to Instagram to share the news, posting an image with a pink foundation and text that read.

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