Merub Ali Wish Happy birthday to her Fiance Asim Azhar

Merub Ali the Currently Fiance of Asim Azhar both are Engaged and very understanding to each other as well. Merub is the best ever Stunning actress now She is growing herself in Dramas and making some Unique Image in front of the Audience.

Merub Ali Recently arrange a Cute Birthday Party for her husband and shared some massively nice Pictures. Previously Hania is the close to heart of Asim Azhar and they are both are Broke up and Separately chose their life path.

Entertainer Merub Ali and Asim Azhar shared the viral pictures and video on their different Instagram account. The visuals see them sharing endearing minutes. Merub Ali congratulated birthday wishes to her future spouse by saying, “Cheerful 26th to the most insane 12 year old I know. Asim Azhar expressed gratitude toward Merub Ali for spreading harmony and bliss in his life.

Asim Azhar is a monstrous hero of Pakistan. He has been working since he was a youngster and we as a whole knew his voice from the snappy and all inclusive Cocomo Mujhe Bhi Do. He has now proceeded to become perhaps of the greatest star in the country. Asim Azhar has a great many fans from one side of the planet to the other. Individuals trust that his new music will emerge and each tune of Asim’s turns into a super hit.

Pakistani heart breaker artist Asim Azhar and his life partner Merub Ali have been under the spotlight for their loveable posts via virtual entertainment since their commitment.

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