Mehar Bano Blessing White Pictures with her Naughty Husband

Actress Khuda Aur Mohabbat Drama playing the role of Farhad Finally Got married She is massively Enjoy the life She is Finally Booked with a Unique Person She is looking so Happy in her Mehndi day Mehar Bano Shoiwng the Blessing Clicks on Mehndi Day.

After Nikkah Mehar Bano Share the Pictures of her Mehndi with awesome Life Style She is looking a very Shy on own Mehndi Day Mehar Bano also wear a very Unqiue Dressing See in latest pictures.

Fans of Mehar Bano know that their favorite actresses are pretty bold and independent. Looking at her social media profile, it seems that she is bound to make every decision on her own. And that’s why whatever controversies arise on social media about this actress, she listens from one ear and dismisses them from the other ear. And perhaps this is the secret to being successful in the showbiz industry.

Mehar Bano is a stunning Pakistani actress, who recently wed Shahrukh Kazim Ali, a producer. A few days ago, she showed her wedding photos to her followers. Fans adored her wedding photos as well as her Shadi and mehndi appearances.

Mehar Bano is a gorgeous Pakistani actress who has recently married to the producer Shahrukh Kazim Ali. She shared her wedding pictures with fans, a few days ago. Fans loved her wedding pictures and her mehndi and Shadi looks as well.

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