Arshad Sharif Journalist Body Reached in Pakistan

Super Talented Journalist who always speaks the truth and never feels Guilty to Promote any wrong Person He is a Massive Hero for our Industry who is making some Unique Memories and After leaving Pakistan Still He is Performing his Duty as a Journalist for the Betterment of Pakistan.

Arshad Sharif Unfortunately Shootout in Kenya and Now his Body Finally Reached in Pakistan Arshad Never Becomes Slave and always Support to right and True Person See some Sad Moments of Arshad Sharif’s Family.

Arshad Sharif was shot dead in Kenya supposedly by the nearby police on Sunday night, with an authority police proclamation later communicating “laments on the appalling occurrence” and it was in progress to say an examination.

What was sitting tight for quite a long time had at last shown up. The assemblage of martyred Pakistani writer Arshad Sharif was brought from Kenya to Islamabad air terminal. Indeed, the evening of October 23rd, Pakistani columnist Arshad Sharif was martyred by cops out and about in Kenya. After this occurred, the police expressed that because of wrong data, we terminated at some unacceptable vehicle. Yet, what is completely false and what is reality, the approaching the truth will surface at some point everybody.

The police and the organization of the government capital will give help to Sharif’s after death at the Pims Medical clinic, said the family. A three-part group of specialists will be shaped in such manner. Arshad Sharif’s mom requested that a senior specialist stay present during the posthumous at the emergency clinic.

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