Mohammad Nawaz Wife Supporting to her husband in this Sad Situation

The Left Head Off Spiner in the Pakistani Cricket Team Mohammad Nawaz was Pressurized in Last over Match Between India and Pakistan but all teams Support to Nawaz for this Mistake and his Wife also Positively Support to Nawaz.

He is also Performing Best in last Asia Cup Match for Win and Now Nawaz Performing Somehow Bad but in this Situation, Fans Still Support to Nawaz and He is Practice lot for next Match as well some Amazing Clicks of Mohammad Nawaz with wife.

Mohammad Nawaz needed to safeguard 15 runs in the last over of the crunch match against India in Melbourne. He took the wicket of Hardik Pandya. Nonetheless, it was insufficient for him to seal the triumph for his side.

Pakistan chief Babar Azam commended his players’ endeavors in their T20 World Cup 2022 opening match misfortune to most outstanding adversaries India at the MCG on October 23, Sunday. Pakistan lost a nearby match by 4 wickets on the last chunk of the experience.

Because of no-ball followed by free-hit, the game’s last over bowled by Nawaz was loaded up with tension. A dubious midriff high full-throw called by the square-leg umpire, which went for a six, and three bye runs on free-hit cost Pakistan the significant match.

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