Fiza Khawar Sister in law of Hamza Ali Abbasi at Bali with her Husband

Fiza Khawar another Beautiful Queen of Pakistan her Sister Naimal Khawar is a Good and Basic Celebrity and Fiza Khawar her sister also got viral from her sister’s Popularity. Fiza Khawar is a very Thick Glowing Skin Actress in an Awesome way.

Fiza Khawar is the most interesting Personality She is recently coming to Bali for spend sometimes with her husband and She shares some Adventures Pictures of Fiza Khawar with her Husband.

Fiza Khawar is the sister of prominent television craftsman Naimal Khawar. She got hitched in December 2020 to a man whom she cherished Mr. Abdullah Khan. The two families have a place with Pashtun culture so magnificence is tracked down in the family. Naimal’s mom is a Persian woman who is hitched to a Pakistani Public and the couple is living in Pakistan cheerfully with their children.

Photographs of Naimal Khawar’s sister, Fiza Khawar from her big day has been flowing on the web and the web is partitioned as she has a parting picture of Bollywood entertainer Madhuri Dixit.

Fiza Khawar is the most youthful sister of VIP Naimal Khawar of Pakistan. She is a legal counselor by calling. Fiza as of late got well known because of her marriage pics meandering via web-based entertainment, in which she is seeming to be Indian big name Madhuri Dixit. She is the nearest one to Naimal Khawar, and they for the most part show up together in pictures via web-based entertainment.

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