Actress Ghana Ali Celebrate the Birthday of her Husband Lovely Clicks

Ghana Ali is a very beautifull and youngest actress in pakistani drama industry, She is most famous and talented star, Ghana Ali works in few dramas, She play both positive or negative roles in dramas, but she mostly playing positive bhabi innocent roles. From last 2 years ghana ali not appeared in any new project.

Last night Actress Ghana Ali celebrate the birthday of her moto husband umrair with family, Ghana Ali wore full tight white dress, Under bara of ghana ali show in this dress, She looks so hot young and lovely during birthday celebration. Ghana ali cutt the cake and give the 1st bite to husband.

If we talk about the age of Actress Ghana ali in 2022, She turned is 28 years young star, She is very smart young and fitt in this age. She was born in 1994 at Pakistan. She got married with her boy friend Umair gulzar in 2021, he is not relate from showbiz, He is a business men. Now they are parents of one cute doughter. They are most romantic and young couple in pakistani drama industry.

Umair Gulzar is already married men, Actress Ghana Ali said, Im like to moto married boy, because Umair is my chilhood crush. She replied that “Because it was in my destiny” and also she admit that “I don’t regret it because he is an amazing human being”.

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