Aliza Sultan Tells the Reason why She Separated from Feroze Khan after two kids

Alizey Sultan Belongs to Syed Family and She Got Married with Feroze Khan in 2018 and they spend good with blessing life style and Now After becoming the Parents of Two kids Aliza Sultan and Feroze are Separated with some Personal reasons.

Feroze Khan also did some Clarifications but Aliza has more Supportive Proves to leave this Relationship She doesn’t want to impact her husband bad things on her kids that’s why She decides to live Separate See some Memorable Click and Different Opinions of Aliza and Feroze Khan.

Alizey has clarified the situation regarding the rumours about her marriage that have been going around the internet for a while now on her Instagram account. She wrote, “Our four-year marriage was complete pandemonium. In addition to ongoing physical and psychological abuse throughout this time, her husband also subjected me to infidelity, blackmail, and degrading treatment.”

In March 2018, Feroze Khan wed Alizey Sultan. Muhammad Sultan Khan, a boy, was born to the couple in May 2019. This year, the couple gave birth to a girl named Fatima Khan, their second child.

Actor Feroze Khan has revealed that he and his wife of four years, Syeda Aliza Sultan, have divorced after months of rumours and conjecture. The actor revealed the divorce was finalised by a family court earlier this month while sharing the news on social media.

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