Beautifull Pictures of Faysal Qureshi With 3rd Lovely Young Wife Sana Faysal

Faysal Qureshi is most senior and biggest actor of pakistani showbiz industry, He is very talented and famous star, In this faysal qureshi perform the main role in drama, Every drama of faysal qureshi hit on social media and specific Tv channal. Faysal qureshi also run the business in karachi.

You all know Faysal qureshi give the divorced to 2 wives for personall issues, Now the again got 3rd marriage with Lovely girl Sana faisal, Faysal Qureshi share lovely and adorable pictures with her 3rd young wife Sana faysal. They got married in 2010, They are most rmantic and young couple of pakistani drama industry, Now they are parents on two cute kids, Faysal qureshi have one young doughter from 1st wife, she lives seprate home alone.

In 2022 Actor Faysal Qureshi are 48 years young star, He is very smart young and fitt in this age, He was born in 1973 at karachi pakistan. Faysal qureshi won the lux style award for the best Tv actor and also nomination the lux style award for the best Entertainer. The height of faysal qureshi is 1.75 m.

In a meeting, Faysal Qureshi doled out certain mysteries of his affection marriage with Sana. He referenced how he met her and made it conceivable to be her soul mate. He began with his explanation that their romantic tale is very customary. He met Sana during a wedding capability and this attractive hunk only succumbed to her.

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