Godh Bharai Rasem of Fanous Tiktoker Kanwal Aftab and Zulqernain With Family

You all know Kanwal Aftab and Zulqernain are most famous and biggest Tiktok star in Pakistan, You know last year they got married, They are most beautifull young and favourite couple of pakistani young public, Zulqernain and Kanwal Aftab also start the works in youtube, They made different vlogs, Every video of Kanwal Aftab and Zulqernain hit the millions views from youtube.

Few month ago Kanwal Aftab share the good news of her pregnancy with fans, Now almost 5 month complete her pregnancy, Last night Zulqernain and Kanwal Aftab arrange a Gogh Bharai rasem with family, Kanwal Aftan wore full dark red colour dress and Zulqernain wore simple White Dress.

Zulqernain share bold pictures with lovely wife Kanwal Aftab on her Bally, The bally of Kanwal Aftab is big from her pregnancy, She said, Im not about Baby boy or girl but im so happy. Zulqernain hug and kisses to wife Kanwal Aftab on the front of her family. Bold and lovely pictures viral on social media of Kanwal and Zulqernain.

The couple was seen giving things to the casualties of the flood. They request that individuals emerge and help them. They were appreciative to individuals who give. A sad episode occurred with this couple as burglars broke into their home. The looters denied all the adornments and different sorts of stuff when nobody was at home. Be that as it may, after certain days they are observing “Godh Bharai” of Kanwal Aftab. It appears to be that they simply continue on and search for just sure things ahead.

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