Ayesha Akram The Famous Character of Pakistan Enjoy her life in Dubai

The Incident of Ayesha Akram has Cmpleted one year and She never leavesthe TikTok Now She moves to Dubai New some New Friends and making again videos with Pathically She is doing something unethical and she face high negative comments from the audience see some new clicks from Dubai.

Sources said that Ayesha Akram is from Lahore and she lives in Lahore. What’s more, he’s recently begun making recordings a couple of days prior. What’s more, in only a couple of days, the quantity of devotees on her Instagram has reached around 14,000. This implies that individuals like her work a great deal.

Ayesha Akram was freely embarrassed pestered and ransacked at Minar-e-Pakistan by around 400 men. She was shot, consistently went after by the crowd in clear sunlight and nobody attempted to protect her. The video of Ayesha being offended, attacked and hassled circulated around the web via virtual entertainment.

The country over, fights were directed contrary to the event of badgering of TikToker Ayesha Akram, and in excess of 100 individuals were likewise confined. Presently yet, it gives off an impression of being history.

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